Path of Dreams – Path of Truth

I’m sitting on a chair and watching the sunrays which have found their way over here through the branches of tall conifers. I can feel the table top under my palm, I’m looking around our beautiful, new apartment.

I realize that I live my dream. I live outside the borders of Bohemia, I dedicate myself to what I find the most meaningful, and every step of my pilgrimage I’m accompanied by a marvellous family.

I notice that I’m filled with the warm feeling of gratitude.


I looked back, back on my journey through life so far.

I don’t do this too often. It is far more typical for me to resort to ideas of the future than to ideas of the past. However, I suppose there’s no harm in conducting such an inventory once in a while. One reason for this is that it makes it easier for us to answer the pressing questions of our hearts:

Do I live the way I want? Does my life bring me joy?

The result of my retrospection was a remarkable finding.

I looked at the events that imprinted on my memory as important coordinates, crucial moments – we may call them my life milestones.

I watched Markéta learn to ride a horse, write articles, short stories and poems, meet her best friends, embark on a journey of self-discovery, get accepted to a desired high school, get acquainted with yoga, travel to beloved countries, leave to work in China, get accepted into a desired major, receive scholarships to study abroad, meet a partner, settle abroad, start an online business …

What these events have in common is the fact that I wanted them dearly.

I’ve had – and still have – many, so many dreams. I could always feel what I wanted, and that’s exactly what I got. Without having to compromise or reconcile myself to plans B, C, D…

The goal of my looking back wasn’t to prepare a listing of the happiest events of my life, to focus on my successes while ignoring the moments of disappointment. And yet, an endless list of fulfilled wishes appeared before me (or rather behind me).

In the same way, this present moment is just another in a series of dreams being fulfilled. Miracle after miracle. As captain, I determine the coordinates and my vessel unmistakably carries me to my destination.

How is it possible?

Because I’m wired that way. I can alway see beyond the nearest horizon. I dream constantly. I honour the changeability of my reality and ceaselessly push the limits of my imagination – the limits of myself. And one more thing. I have no doubt that I’m here to fulfill my dreams. Also, I have no doubt that it goes without saying.


Why dreams?

Have you noticed how you become more self-aware, more free and more complete with every fulfilled dream?
How, with every fulfilled dream, your life becomes fuller and more real?

Have you noticed how, with every fulfilled dream, you grow larger?

This is because dream is information which comes from our centre – from our heart. By means of our dreams we show to ourselves who we are and who we can become.

Our dreams deserve special attention, let us not underestimate their importance. They show us which way to go if we want to come closer to our real nature. The way of dreams is an accelerated path to oneself. With every fulfilled dream we step out of our own shadow, and embody another part, another aspect of the whole of our being, and a new reality.

By fulfilling our dreams we are getting into ever greater accordance with ourselves, we are getting ever closer to our real selves. And it seems to me only natural that this very path is accompanied by joy.

It is fulfilling dreams that I consider the most beautiful, the most natural, and the easiest way of self-development.


What’s next?

We can review our experiences with life up to now.

Are we letting our vessel drift around without purpose, from one miserable seaport to another? Or are we dauntlessly navigating towards the greatest adventures, led by our inner compass? Knowing that we can be everything we can’t even imagine yet?

If we stop moving for a moment, what will we discover?

Are we guided by our visions, and love for life and oneself, or by fear and scepticism?
Are we holding the helm firmly in our hands, or does the weather decide our fate?
Are we living our dreams, our nightmares or something in between?

Whichever is our answer, we can make an agreement right here and now that from now on, the direction in our lives will only be set by the coordinates of our dreams and wishes.

Out of love for life and for the truth of ourselves.

Jsem tvůrkyně pocházející ze Srdce Evropy. V životě se věnuji poznávání vnějších i vnitřních světů.

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