Everyone needs support sometimes.

We are all equipped with everything we need to overcome any obstacles. However, this doesn't mean that we must manage everything on our own 🙂

I'll support you in your own strength and inner guidance.
It will be an honour to take with you a few important steps on your journey to your dream life.

                Markéta Čeplová


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A unique session during which you will get your personal map for orientation in your life and the world. You will understand the gifts, challenges, and goals you were born with, as well as the meaning of existence.


You'll understand the way you live your life and create your reality. You will discover how you can change everything you want and embark on the path of building the life of your dreams.


[TRANSLATION] "Markétka, thank you very much for the amazing time spent with you. It is in human nature to want to be satisfied and happy, and this method is super on a journey to self-discovery. Do we think we know ourselves, or are we looking for what we don't know about ourselves yet? This method will confirm you in something, disprove something, and will open your eyes to something. At the end of the session, you feel happy to have found yourself, to know who you are, and to know precisely what you'll do. This method is mainly a direction of a path that everybody must walk on their own. So I thank you very much, one more time, for everything and chiefly for meeting such an amazing person."
Ivana Máchová